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First-Time Buyer Guide

Frequently Asked Questions by First Time Buyer

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There is no quick and simple answer to this question. printing and packaging machines are specific to the customer, so arriving at ‘standard pricing’ isn’t usually practical. However, we can provide a range: For a fully automated production line, you can expect to pay the USD100,000 to 500,000

Pricing largely depends upon your unique needs: the products you want to package, the speeds you would like to achieve, your bag styles and sizes, the complexity of your process, and how quickly you need the machine delivered.

Generally, the more complex, customized, or high-speed the printing and packaging process is, the more you can expect to pay.

Henghao offers a variety of flexible printing and packaging machines that can satisfy most customer’s requirements:

Diverse Bag Making Machines produce all types of bags made from materials like paper, non-woven, plastic films, Laminated film etc. These bags can be applied in different industries, like food & beverage, beauty & personal care, home & office accessories, express delivery, etc.

Various Printing Machines include flexo printing machines, rotogravure printing machines, and label printing machines. With color registers that support a maximum of 12 colors, KETE’s printing machines can help to turn your vivid and unique packaging design into reality.

Other Packagings Converting Machines include advanced wine capsule machines, paper straw making machines, paper box making machines, paper cup making machines, laminating machines, sitting machines, heat shrink packaging machines, ultrasonic sewing machine, spare parts etc.

Each of our machines has a professional technical team who can provide field technical services for customers from different countries.

At the same time, due to COVID19, we have also recruited some local technical teams in different countries to cooperate to provide customers with the fastest and best field service.

meanwhile, we also make videos of the operation instructions of our equipment for customers to learn repeatedly.

Our union’s oldest factory is a flexographic printing machine factory, starting from 1983, we had deep developed in this field for nearly 40 years. Other factories are basically the top three in a specific field

Our Foreign Market Sales Depart is in Wenzhou city, The Nearest Airport is Wenzhou International Airport, The Nearest Train Station is Rui’an Station. From Shanghai city to our city by fly 1 hour and by train is 3.5 hours. From Guangzhou city to our city by fly is 2 hours and buy train need 8hours.

What Can Henghao Help You With

We understand how confused a new buyer can be when he/ she just steps into the machinery industry. We hope the following information can, to some degree, give you a little guidance.

Your Concerns

● Machine Selection

Are you new to the industry, and have no ideas about how to select the right machine?

● Unclear Manufacturing Process

Are you confused about how our machine working process?

● "Zero" After-Sales Service

Are you worried about whether you can fully enjoy the after-sales service in a machinery foreign trade?

● Uncertainty in Delivery

You may worry about whether such a big machine can be delivered safely and punctually.

Our Solutions

● Professional Solution

Our professional sales staff have a deep understanding of packaging machinery, and they will make careful comparisons and give you the best solution according to your requirements.

● Regular Report

We'll make sure to keep you updated on the latest progress in the manufacturing process.
Since Henghao cooperates with several factories, we enjoy more priority in production and delivery arrangements.

● Timely Support

Henghao is customer oriented. We are more than a machinery manufacturer. We' re committed to providing the best service and prepare everything for you in advance.

● Preparation in Advance

10+ years of foreign trade experience has provided Henghao with abundant knowledge to handle all kinds of situations during the customs clearance procedure and international freight.

Printable product material

We provide printing solutions for major industries around the world that offer a high degree of flexibility with intuitive, simple operation and automatic presets.

Food & Beverage Packaging

We have helped lots of clients who are engaged in food and beverage package manufacturing and printing business.

Industrial & Express Delivery Packaging

With the rapid development of online shopping and express delivery, express packaging is used more and more frequently.

Beauty & Personal Care Industry

Packaging for beauty and personal care products place emphasis more on the color and the design. the better the product will sell.

Home & Office Accessories

Generally speaking, the clear and vivid appearance of the package is usually more attractive to customers.

Medical and pharmaceutical industry

Printing on pharmaceutical packaging makes consumer trust in drug safety and regulatory compliance essential.

Henghao Logo

Wenzhou Henghao Machinery Co., Ltd. is a professional supplier of printing press equipment and post-press equipment. Specializing in the production of flexographic printing machines, die cutting machines, slitting rewinding machines and other automated equipment and covering a series of supporting services, we strive to become an enterprise with reliable production quality and guaranteed after-sales service.