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We Offer the Most Cost-Effective Packaging Printing Machines Solutions

Backed up by a complete range of flexible printing machines and packaging machines, Henghao has the capability to deliver an integrated machine solution for your packaging business at a competitive price.

Our experienced and professional machinery experts will optimize each machine so that the final packaging solution perfectly suits your specific needs.

Flexographic printing machine market is segmented by type, technology, printable substance, application, and region. Based on application, the print media segment is estimated to hold the largest market share followed by packaging in the global flexographic printing machine market over the forecast period.

5 Markets that Utilize Flexographic Printing:

  • Food & beverage industry
  • Industrial & Express Delivery
  • Beauty & Personal Care
  • Home & Office Accessories
  • Medical and pharmaceutical industry

With the correct ink selection, flexographic printing clearly and attractively prints on nearly any substrate. Flexographic printing is a proven method for reducing press downtime, increasing press speeds, and achieving longer print runs.

Know the machine

Flexographic printing machine application And industry

We will be your strategic partner in China with our professional production capacity, standardized management system and high quality service. If you are buying a machine for the first time, or are new to the industry, you can click on " First-Time Buyer Guide " here to learn more.

Market Requirements for Food and Beverage Packaging

During the delivery process, food & beverage packaging protects its content from biological, chemical, and physical damage. Since it’s in direct contact with food, food packaging has to meet high hygienic standards. Also, for better sales, food and beverage packaging needs to be clear and attractive.

Market Requirements for Industrial and Express Delivery Packaging

With the rapid development of online shopping and express delivery, express packaging is used more and more frequently. The packaging of delivered goods, as customers require, should firstly protect the contents from damage, it should look as good as possible.

Market Requirements for Beauty and Personal Care Packaging

As the type of packaging that we see most often in our daily life, packaging for beauty and personal care products place emphasis more on the color and the design. It’s often the case that products in more eye-catching packaging sell better.

Market Requirements for Home and Office Accessories Packaging

Packaging for home and office accessories are used to protect the contents from dust and other potential damages. What’s more, a clear and vivid look of packaging is usually more appealing to customers.

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Wenzhou Henghao Machinery Co., Ltd. is a professional supplier of printing press equipment and post-press equipment. Specializing in the production of flexographic printing machines, die cutting machines, slitting rewinding machines and other automated equipment and covering a series of supporting services, we strive to become an enterprise with reliable production quality and guaranteed after-sales service.